Our GATE:VET Wiki is, together with the App, the core result of the project. On this free site, teachers have the opportunity to find game-based teaching materials, develop and adapt them to their needs and then use them in their own lessons. Theoretical definitions and explanations of game-theoretical content are linked to a variety of practical examples. Furthermore, users can interact with each other on the platform by adding comments or questions to existing entries and also share their own ideas with other educational professionals.


The GATE:VET App, together with the Wiki, is our platform for teachers to find, edit and share game-based teaching materials. The app (available for Android and iOS) is itself gamified and based on a micro learning approach. Organized as a toolbox, short articles on relevant topics as well as mini-games, flash cards and quizzes are available to help you better understand game-based learning. The activities require minimal time and you can monitor your progression on the leader board. You can also collect points, badges and awards.


With our GATE:VET Curriculum, teachers can train their peers on game-based learning. It can be used to instruct teachers on how to use game elements and game mechanics in their teaching, create game like learning environments and work successfully with the platforms. The curriculum was implemented in locally adapted workshops in each of the partner schools (DE, RO, DK). The curriculum is accompanied by guidelines, which assist the implementation of curriculum.

printexemplar handbook ready


The handbook (provided in English, Danish, Romanian and German) contains game-based learning and teaching materials as well as short profiles present theoretical research on and practical implementations of game-based learning. Further, ideas and short instructions provide assistance on how the GATE:VET curriculum can be used by multipliers. It is available in printed and digital form.

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Project Results and Documentation:

Academic Publications
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